Understanding Conflicts

Every soul, entity, organisation, country has its own Governor. This Governor made up of his own mindset, attitude and belief system build made by his past life, upbringing experiences (good and bad), which are unique in every individual. When we interact, at that time think about your own Governor (our mindset, attitude, belief) interacting with the other entity Governor.

When we interact, two things happen, we either agree or disagree. If we are agreeing then there is no issue however, if we disagree then our conscious bodies and our mind takes the situation as a conflict. This is important to understand that conflict leads to imbalance in your life by stimulating your ego, anger, self esteem, fear and many more negative insecurities.

Impact of conflicts

Conflict triggers offensive/defensive action. Conflict triggers our escape mechanism and brings us suffering and pain, which needs to be managed with various methods like meditation, yoga etc . In most of the cases we are unable to take any action and conflict start affecting your health, your behaviour, your happiness, your emotions, it affects everything in your life .

Since you cannot take any action these suppressed portions emerge out in your day to day life every moment. You need to manage these suppressed differences to move on otherwise it affects your life. Sometimes these conflicts or differences lead toward a stop and reset your life.

Understanding Self Governor through Psychometric Tests

All these actions affect your life, health, peace, harmony and stimulate your ego, anger, fear depending on your Governor severity to the level of differences with other Governor and how your own Governor take these differences .It impacts to your day to day life. It is important to understand your own Governor which is your own mindset, attitude and belief system which is being challenged every movement by others which are responsible for your day to day life, your success, your happiness and your pain.

Understanding self-Governor by psychometric test is developed by Sunil Shetye which will give your mindset various dichotomy parameters. The analysis made will give a detailed utilisation of your consciousness bodies i.e emotional or objective, focusing methods; inward or outward. Which brain (left/right) is being used . Important chakras (Heart Chakra/Eye brow chakra/Throat chakra) involved in processing of your mindset and create a belief system.

Transformation and Inner Healing

This self Governor understanding will provide a sure shot method to deal with other’s Governor. Sunil Shetye also provides techniques on how to transform one’s own Governor for a better life. The methods suggested are based on consciousness practice, meditation, yoga and self healing practice. One has to understand this transformation of one’s own Governor which goes through self purification and suffering from withdrawal of old mindset and adopting a new one.

Mindset changes your belief and attitude .In totality you transform your own Governor. The transformed Governor will interact with other Governor with more maturity which will in turn avoid conflicting situations thus bringing peace in your life. This simply happens because you start looking for the things from different levels.