Mr. Sunil Shetye

Spiritual Healer and Life Mentor


Sunil Shetye has continued his meditation since last two decades and has gained knowledge on Indian and Chinese methods of healing and meditation. He has a mastery over Esoteric, Soul, Chakra, Human Consciousness and Self-Healing which can be used for various issues of mankind such as pain (Body, Mental), relationships, speedy recovery of illness, problems in life, energy blockages, anger, ego management.

He integrates best of Eastern techniques.He has evolved over 20 years of soul study with the blessings from various masters,divine spiritual guides, spiritual mother and father. His teachings bring clarity about the Human Consciousness(Etheric, Astral and Mental bodies, Chakras, Kundalini) and its evolution. He holds practical approach to merge with own soul and higher souls. His teachings are based on self-awareness, self-healing and self-purification.

His coaching is based on various techniques over different energies and consciousness tools. He also provides various meditation and consciousness techniques which will help individuals in their Soul journey.

We have made so much progress in science and technology over past centuries. Today this has helped to improve the standard of living that was unimaginable a century ago.
However, many of us still are in search of peace, wholeness and purpose in our lives. We want to improve the quality of living.

Through this organization 'Metacosmic Centre', Sunil Shetye intends to share the knowledge gained by practising various meditation methods for over two decades.


A fundamental purpose

We strive to offer the inner wellbeing to people – helping them realize the potential within. To achieve this one needs to first understand thembetter and then bring in required transformation.

From this vision arose a host of tests, programs, methods and techniques, all towards the same aim - to assess one’s own personality, be aware of current standing and transformto their own potential within themselves.


A journey of transformation
  • To create awareness about the Human Consciousness(Etheric, Astric and Mental bodies, Chakras, Kundalini) involved in purification and transformation.
  • To understand your own Governor (Mindset, Attitude and Belief system) and how to manage the same.
  • To help individual in his soul journey.
  • To guide about different techniques of Meditation and consciousness methods required to achieve life purpose.


Since last two decades with knowledge on Indian and Chinese methods of healing and meditation


Connected to people from India and abroad via Skype, e-mail, personal interaction


Personal Consultation for healing, transformation, lifestyle management

Upcoming Publications

Number of books and CDs on various topics based on Inner Self